Brexit and your mental health

It is now two months since the fate of the United Kingdom and its relationship with Europe was decided by the British electorate.  At least we now know that we will be leaving the EU, but not yet when or how. One thing is certain though, no one knows what the future may bring as our country finds its way in this new, unchartered territory.

Whether you voted ‘in’ or ‘out’, your initial feelings – perhaps of euphoria, optimism or perhaps of disappointment, apprehension and even outrage – may still prevail, or they may have been overtaken by other feelings, such as fear and anxiety.

Whilst some may find this an exciting chapter in the country’s history, in this period of adjustment there are some who may find the uncertainty and concern about the future and how it may affect their life, or that of their family, too overwhelming. The referendum result has in some cases caused bitter divisions between families and friends, where there was once common ground and understanding. All situations which can build and cause personal anxiety and even depression.

Depression and anxiety are not symptoms which should be ignored. They are the biggest causes of mental health problems and one of the main reasons patients come to our practice – they can even cause further problems with physical health if not recognised and treated properly. So, if you feel you may have more than a little of the ‘Brexit blues’, please get in touch and we can put you on the road to a happier and mentally healthier you – in or out of the EU!

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