PP offer an excellent service, easy to get hold of and I have always received an appointment quickly. The care they provide is faultless. David from Sussex

Very efficient, sympathetic and understanding. Ian

The treatment has given me my life back. Anonymous, Patient Satisfaction Survey February 2015

The helpfulness and courtesy I receive from the psychiatrist and the staff at Private Psychiatry are absolutely wonderful. Anonymous, Patient Satisfaction Survey March 2014

The time I spent with Dr Winbow really did change my life. Jo

I am very satisfied with the excellent care I am receiving. Anonymous, Patient Satisfaction Survey

My psychiatrist is absolutely brilliant. He has helped me beyond my expectations. He and his staff are wonderful. Anonymous, Patient Satisfaction Survey February 2015

My consultant is very supportive, works collaboratively with me and is up to date on medications. The office staff are excellent. Anonymous, Patient Satisfaction Survey

All the people at Private Psychiatry are very helpful and understanding. Anonymous, Patient Satisfaction Survey

The kindness and support that I have been given during a very difficult year enabled me to cope. Anonymous, Patient Satisfaction Survey

All of the staff seem to go above and beyond to accommodate my needs. Anonymous, Patient Satisfaction Survey July 2014

I am relieved to have found Private Psychiatry. I only wish I had come to you sooner. Anonymous, Patient Satisfaction Survey February 2015

I would heartily recommend to anyone who needs support. Anonymous, Patient Satisfaction Survey October 2013

Private Psychiatry

Dr Adrian Winbow and Dr Declan Leahy of Private Psychiatry are Consultant Psychiatrists who diagnose and treat a wide variety of mental health problems including depression, anxiety and stress in adults and young people from the age of 16.

Dr Winbow offers appointments at Clinics in London SE1, Kent and Surrey. Please call our Head Office on 01732 836320 to make an appointment.

Dr Leahy offers appointments at Clinics in London E1 and W1, Essex and Bedfordshire. Please call his secretary Nanda de Rosa on 01487 831293 to make an appointment.

Please take the time to explore the information on our site including:

News : The latest developments and current issues in the world of Psychiatry

Common Problems : Summaries of common mental health issues we treat

Fee Information : For initial and follow-up consultations

Patient Testimonials : From our patient satisfaction surveys

If you would like any more information please call our Head Office number, 01732 836320, email advice@privatepsychiatry.co.uk or complete our contact form.




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